Taking Photos

You do not necessarily have to wait to take photos until after you have prepared your property, but you should definitely make sure that any view within the photos you wish to take have been thoroughly prepared for the “shoot”. When taking photos remember to move any cars, children's toys, etc. from the drive-way or front of the house. Make sure the gardens and lawn areas in the photo are trimmed and tidy. Turn on lights and open curtains and drapes to allow as much light as possible for the indoor photos. Kitchen: remove any cords and unnecessary items from benchtops. Benchtops should be spotless and clutterfree. Bathroom: remove toothbrushes, soaps, etc. from view. Hang towels neatly, make sure mirrors, tile and windows shine. Dining room, set the table with your best settings. Place a centerpiece to provide some color or contrast to the photo. Ensure all benches are clean and clutter free. Bedrooms: remove items from bedside tables, etc. Contrast your photos by taking some during the day as well some after dark with the lights on. This can make a stunning contrast to the look and feel of your property. Take as many photos as you can and select the 12 best to add to your listing. There is always the option.
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