It is strongly recommended that you engage a solicitor or conveyancor to handle the legal documentation required to give you peace of mind that everything has been covered correctly. In Victoria, there are two key legal documents required in the selling of a property: 1) The Vendor Statement and 2) The Contract of Sale. The Vendor Statement (Section 32 of the Sale of Land Act) contains information relevant to the property and must be provided to the buyer before the contract is signed. The Vendor Statement contains information like:
  1. Vendor Details
  2. Title Details
  3. Information regarding building permits issued in the past 7 years
  4. Owner-builder information (if applicable)
  5. Details of any mortgages or other debts or charges over the land
  6. Information regarding covenants, easements and any other restrictions on title (whether or not they appear on the title)
  7. Planning information, particularly where zoning restricts land use
  8. Information regarding outgoings payable by the owner of the property
  9. Disclosure of any notices or orders issued by the authorities, regarding fencing, road-widening, sewerage etc.
  10. If there is access to the property by road
  11. Information on services connected to the property
Again, it is highly recommended that you have a solicitor/conveyancor prepare this document along with the contract of sale.
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