Be Prepared Negotiations are typically a series of offers and counter offers and being prepared well before negotiations start will help ensure you get the outcome you want. Below are 4 principles to help you through the negotiation process. Clarity Set your objectives. Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Know your limits. Are you certain your lowest asking price is sufficient to meet your financial needs? Plan your questions. What information from the buyer will help you move forward. Listen carefully to what buyers are saying. Often you will gain valuable information on what they need relative to what you are offering. Have they given an indication of their price range or other reasons for wanting this property? Simplicity Keep it simple. Think about issues likely to arise through the negotiations and have an answer. A good test is, can you explain it and have a 10 year old understand? For instance, what if you are asked why you are selling, or why you are asking for a particular price? Being able to provide a succinct answer to these types of questions will give the buyer confidence and remove any confusion. This will help move the process along. Objectivity Don't get emotional. Stand back and consider the issues objectively. Don't rush into agreements. It is ok to say you will get back with an answer. Only accept offers in writing. What will you do if you get more than one genuine buyer interested in the property, or you get your asking price almost immediately? Conversely, what will you do if a buyer is slow in responding and you are getting close to your deadline? Flexibility Think about your options. Negotiation is about getting an outcome that is better than other alternatives open to you. Do you have room to move on non-price related things such as settlement period, deposit, additional fixtures and fittings?
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