Preparing Your Property Inside and Out

First impressions count, so when prospective buyers visit your house or property what they see first will leave a lasting impression. Below is a checklist for preparing your property. Outside:
  1. The first impression should be welcoming.
  2. Clear away all clutter, rubbish, children's toys, garden hoses, etc. that may be visible when entering the property.
  3. Make sure rubbish bins are empty and clean and there are no bad smells.
  4. Lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs should be trimmed and tidy.
  5. Gates, fences, taps, etc. should be in good repair. No dripping taps, squeaky hinges, or loose palings and bricks.
  6. Guttering and down-pipes should all be clear and in good repair. It may be raining on the day of an inspection!
  7. Have the outside of the house cleaned or painted if needed. Even though this is a cost it will pay dividends with potential buyers.
  8. Every window should sparkle!
  9. Remember the Garage. A clean and tidy garage looks much bigger.
  10. Tie up the dog.
  11. Your house is a home and should feel weloming to prospective buyers.
  1. Pleasant smells evoke positive emotions, so ensure that your home has the aroma of warmth. Maybe brew coffee, fresh flowers, open windows to let fresh air and sunshine in.
  2. Clear away any clutter that may be on benchtops, tabletops, bookcases, etc. Put away remote controls, cables, etc. Go through each room and ensure there are no clothes on the floor, rubbish in bins, or anything that gives the appearance of clutter. Put away clocks, books, etc. on bedside tables, desks, benches. Tidy up bookcases, cd racks, etc.
  3. Storage areas, take this opportunity to clear away unwanted items. Stack and tidy any remaining items.
  4. Go through the house and make sure all the taps work (and don't drip), the toilet flushes and stops, the lights work, all the lamps are working, etc.
  5. The kitchen is one of the most important aspects of the home, so you should ensure all cords are put away, appliances and benchtops are spotless and clutter-free. Floors and windows should shine.
  6. It is recommended that you have your carpet, drapes and furnishings steamed cleaned by a professional.
  7. Having your property spotless and tidy will allow potential buyers to focus on the positives and not be distracted by things that may well reduce the value.
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