Western Australia

It is a requirement of RealEstate.com.au that all agent-assisted sale companies, such as NoAgentProperty, are licensed separately in every state or territory in which it advertises listings, regardless of where the company’s head office is located. To advertise a property situated in Western Australia, you must hold a valid Western Australia license. To advertise a South Australian property, you must hold a separate Western Australia real estate license, and so on.

No Agent Property holds a current license for every Australian state and territory, through our licensee and director Stan Iskhakbaev.

WA Real estate license number

Our Western Australia real estate license number is: RA64977

We recommend not engaging with any company unless that company carries all 8 (6 state and 2 territory licenses). To advertise across Australia, 8 separate licenses are necessary as there is no current national real estate licensing and each state has unique rules.

Obtaining and renewing all 8 licenses is very costly and few, if any, companies do so, but No Agent Property is committed to delivering quality advertising within the requirements of the portal websites (like RealEstate.com.au) that we subscribe to.

If you’re weighing up your options with any other company as your agent-assisted sale provider, you have the right to ask that company to provide their license details and to also make sure it is not a borrowed license. In other words, it should be the same organisation (or one of its staff) who holds the license, rather than a third party.

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