Looking For Better Exposure? Maximise Your Presence On Facebook

Facebook is easily our most widely used Social Network, with over 17.1 million Australian users.

Facebook advertising is the "new" mail drop / print advertising. 


How No Agent Property Helps Sellers with Social Media

We are constantly improving our unique marketing approach to maximise your property exposure to thousands of potential buyers, both locally and Australia-wide.

Don't just reply on Portals

We are always looking for a new way to reach buyers.

Do not limit your buyer audience to RealEstate and Domain. Reach more buyers on the #1 social platform in the world.

Frequent reminders to take action

Your ads will be constantly placed in front of potential buyers browsing Facebook.

Your ads will be repeatedly shown to those who have expressed interest in the market and in buying property.

Target Local or Further Afield

Many people looking to buy come from the local area, so we can elect to show your property to those near you.

Or, if you think your buyer will come from further afield, we can target that area too.

Facebook Marketing Campaign Options

Starting from just $110 for a professional campaign.
With the option to extend the time of any campaign at any time!

LOCAL - $165
30 Day Campaign

Buyers frequently come from your own neighbourhood. This solution allows you to show your property to potential buyers in your area. If they have shown an interest in property and real estate websites, for example they've been looking at pages such as realestate.com.au or property-related pages, you can be sure that your ads will be shown to them. 

30 Day Campaign

For this more customised option, we work with you to find the specific target audience that's perfect for your property. Choose from multiple criteria such as age, gender, work, location, interests, behaviour, and much more. Our in-house Facebook Specialist will also assist you throughout your campaign.

Interested? Contact us today and let us find the best approach for you!

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