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Rural Farm For Sale, Carnarvon Western Australia



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A unique, progressive and diversified pastoral property

* Livestock

* Horticulture

* Water

* Freehold land

* 60 kms of coastline

* River frontage

* Tourism


Location – Coral Coast of Western Australia, 940km North of Perth

120km South of Carnarvon

60 kms of bitumen road frontage – with maintained shire roads coming from the Pilbara, Gascoyne and Murchison, all congregating at Wooramel with approvals for three trailer road-trains.

60 kms of Coastal Indian Ocean frontage with fishing access.

Central to coastal ports of Geraldton, Perth, Broome, Darwin



* Freehold Land – Large titles of freehold land running along the Woora-mel River (Existing long term Horticulture business operating on one title of the freehold for 17 years

* Intensive low cost livestock production central to domestic and inter-national markets with all weather access (existing centre pivot system used to background livestock) Up to an additional 15 bores (pivots) can be developed (Pending approvals from Government Departments) to expand holding capacity.

* North west Coastal Hwy running the length of property provides 10 month access to all areas of the property and utilization of transport services providing significant cost savings.

* Backs onto World renowned tourist destination of Shark bay world heritage

* Low labour input costs due to infrastructure design and artesian bores

* Artesian Water 1.4 gig license for artesian bores and quality abundant supply for irrigated agriculture with option to increase. Up to 4.2 gigs available from existing bores.

* High quality Sub-artesian water currently used to irrigate 49 ha’s of Table Grape, Citrus, vegetables and Melons.

* Modern Homestead and staff amenities (air conditioned) with excep-tional irrigated gardens. Sleeping up 25 people. Vineyard accommoda-tion adds another 30 beds.

* Mediterranean climate allowing all year round livestock handling and crop production



Tourism: The North West Coastal Hwy has become one of the busiest tourist routes in Western Australia, with Shark Bay to the West, Carnarvon, Pilbara and Kimberly’s to the North, Kennedy Ranges and Mt Augustus to the East. The property is nestled between Ningaloo Reef and Monkey Mia Dolphin Ma-rine Park with Wooramel bordering some 60 kms of coastline, directly opposite Shark Bay. Given the North West Coastal Hwy also runs the 60 km’s through Wooramel, there are large numbers of tourist/ backpacker busses and travellers wanting to break there journey with sight seeing and experiences to take home.

Sport: Off road racing is a growing sport in WA with a need for wide open spaces. Wooramel held the Wooramel 300 involving car and motorbike racing in 2010. It’s location allows for easy access by competitors and spectators while providing for accommodation , facilities and picturesque camping along the banks of the Wooramel River. It is a big attraction for tourists buses and travellers alike.

Multi tenure

Freehold Titles

Cert Title 2114/150 – Gascoyne lots 223,224 & 225 and Portion of Murchison Loc 156 = 1089 HAs

Cert Title 1678/629 – Gascoyne lot 97 and Portion of Murchison Loc 151 = 252 HAs

Total Area Free hold = 1,341 hectares

Lease hold Title

49 Year Lease hold title (2064) = 141,973 ha’s


Production systems:-

Irrigated Pasture

A irrigated fodder production area using artesian water, currently 69 ha’s under production . Artesian water conservatively saves some $10,000/ year in Fertiliser under the current regime due to available minerals already present in the water. Wooramel has the most usable water quality and pressure in the aquifer.


46 Ha’s of high quality Table grapes and Citrus utilising the sub-artesian water at 300 ppm. This business has been operating on a section of freehold on Wooramel Station for 18 years. Over the past 20 years, the horticultural division of Wooramel has expanded its table-grape and citrus production utilising the security of freehold land and fresh, high quality water. The climate and location giving a largely pest free status allows for exceptional timing and marketing advantages. Crops grown are:-

Asparagus/ Table grapes/ Cash crops/ Citrus

Rangeland Lease Carrying up to 30,000 sheep/ goats

* Heavily grassed 2-4 km strips bordering the Northern and Southern Delta flats of the Wooramel River 50% set up with Cell grazing infrastructure.

* Heavily Grassed coastal plains running the 60 kms of coastal frontage

* Saltbush/ Bluebush pastures making up 40% of the property interlaced with winter herbage such as vetch and winter grasses

* Wanyu/ Current bush and Acacia perennial bush with winter forage grasses make up the remaining 40%


Infrastructure :-


Northwest coastal Hwy is double fenced with 6 wire electric and new spur lines into waters, both East and West. West side of Hwy has been fenced with Barb and Hinge joint and electric for the implicit control of Boar Goats and Dorper sheep, including 3 spur lines to the coast to separate animals Northern and East-ern boundary fencing is new with aged, well maintained cattle fencing to the South.


Three Artesian bores – Wooramel is situated above the Birdrong Artesian Aquifer. Three bores have been equipped with high quality FPV casing and 2 stainless screens. All head-works and taps are stainless steel. These bores service ~ 75% of the property with the highest quality water in the Carnarvon Arte-sian basin. There are 34 watering points, all pressure regulated and constructed with metric polythene piping using the natural artesian pressure for its pro-pulsion (No pumps or maintenance) to deliver in excess of 2/ litres/ minute at there extremities. This water comes to the surface at a pressure of 65psi at the bore-head and a flow rate of 50-62 litres/ second. The quality of water is ~1200 ppm, making it ideal stock water and well suited to tropical pasture produc-tion. Wooramel has established a 69ha centre pivot using this water to grow pastures to background and trade livestock . There are two additional bores that have not yet been utilised for irrigation purposes. The property has a 1.4 gigalitre license to take water, of which can be increased. The workload and FTE sav-ings associated with a system such as this amounts to some 1.5 FTE/ year saved and livestock watering security as water is deliver regardless. Sub Artesian – This water is pulled mechanically from 40-60 feet via 5 windmills. They service livestock, the homestead and surrounding living areas as well as providing 20 litres/ second to a horticultural precinct growing table grapes and citrus on a portion of the free hold land.

Low Maintenance stock water designs

Pipelines under pressure from Artesian Bores fed to tanks with troughs enclosed by Total Grazing Management Traps.

Livestock Handling facilities – Export feedlot is the hub of livestock handling with Total Grazing Management yards at 90% of the waters for loading and transport. These are equipped with drafting and holding facilities for small stock.

24 hour power – Wind and Solar energy is harnessed into a 15kW hybrid power system.

Blue prints

* Windmill records (comprehensive) – Complete historical and current record of maintenance, bore specifics etc kept

* Pipeline Records – Location and sizing of pipelines

* Homestead Layout – Electrical and water pipe diagrams



* Skywest Airlines fly daily to and from Carnarvon

* Schools in Carnarvon (School of Air, Day students to private and state schools)

* 2 Freight services from Geraldton (3 times/ week) / 4 Freight services from Perth (Daily)

* High speed internet services for Office, staff quarters, manager and overseer residence

* Phone lines - 10

* 24 hour, modern power system with renewable energy providing for 80% on the energy (Low input cost) with 15 years of life (2020)


Accommodation & Living :-

Main Homestead Spacious 380 m2 homestead with 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge, din-ning room and rumpus rooms.

Black Smiths Cottage 2 Bedroom, lounge, kitchen and en suite contained in its own garden.

Overseers Cottage 2 Bedroom, open plan living and deck overlooking the Wooramel River.

Singlemans Quarters 7 Bedroom accommodation with kitchen, lounge and breezeway.


Livestock history :-


3000 Breeder does

 Wooramel sells off 8,000 to 10,000 rangeland goats per year and continues to turn this number off. In addition to this, selected does have been mated to Boar Bucks to improve conformation and hybrid vigour (2009). British Alpine Does have been selected with a growing herd to eventually cross with the Boar goat. Currently used markets are, Domestic Abattoirs’ for boxed meat export to the US, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia. Live export is still a major form of trade for short hall transport in which Malaysia and Indonesia play significant roles in the market place. Boxed meat is a mainstay through domestic abattoirs.


 2000 mixed Drought master and Black Angus cattle.

 Trading of Bos Indicus cattle from the Pilbara and Kimberly’s allows for a reliable source of trade animals with secure long term markets. Between 2000-5000 tradeable cattle space.


6000 Damara/ Dorper sheep.

Full working plant. Selling as walk-in, walk out.
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