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Orange   Rural Grazing   $400000 to $1000000

Wanting property suitable for grazing and/ or lamb production within 25-30 kms west of Orange - no further than Molong. Molong area in particular. Must have reasonable infrastructure (good fencing/sheds/stockyards) and reliable water. Prefer with house but DA approved otherwise if under 250 acres. Acreage from 150 acres up preferred.

Orange   Commercial Automotive Service Station   $0 to $2000000

Looking for service stations anywhere in Australia

Triangle Flat   Rural Over 20 Acres   $500000 to $1500000

Land and water to run livestock on. House, yards and shed a bonus.

Cowra   Rural Over 20 Acres   $500000 to $1500000

Land and water to run cattle on. House, yard and shed a bonus.

Bathurst   Rural Grazing   $400000 to $1500000

300 Plus grazing acres - Central West NSW. Good land and water, all other not required but a bonus.

Oberon   Rural Over 20 Acres   $100000 to $450000

looking for acres old house fine close to Sydney about 2 hours drive , live stock ,

Cowra   Rural Mixed Farming   $0 to $400000

Looking for maximum 125 acres with a house. House does not need to be in great condition as long as its liveable. Sheds and stockyards are preferred.

Perthville   Residential House   $200000 to $350000

3 bedroom house wanted

Bathurst   Rural Over 20 Acres   $0 to $500000

Prefer electricity connected. Smaller than 20 acres is fine, need space for a horse to live.

Parkes   Commercial Accommodation Tourism Caravan Park   $400000 to $2000000

Operating caravan park any condition preferably rundown

Orange   Commercial Retail   $100000 to $100000000


Bathurst   Rural Over 20 Acres   $10000 to $1000000

About to undertake a lifestyle change. Looking for a property suitable for production of income, within reasonable travelling distance to shops, medical services.

Lithgow   Commercial Retail Health Beauty   $0 to $20000

i want hair salon with at least 3 station n with 2 basins in regional area with low rent.thanks

Orange   Residential Apartment   $0 to $175000

Looking for studio/unit/villa/townhouse under $200K, in Orange or surrounds. Must have BIR, and no owner-occupier caveat.

Capertee   Rural Under 20 Acres   $0 to $200000

Looking for land with building entitlement in or around Capertee Valley.

Orange   Rural Under 20 Acres   $0 to $125000

Im in my 50s and looking to buy a cheap house (first home) within driving distance of Orange where I work. Nothing flash but in a quiet area, preferably out of town but would consider village living if in a private spot. (Does not actually need a lot of land, just privacy). Hard to find anything cheap around Orange but you never know.. Thank you.

Orange   Rural Over 20 Acres   $0 to $600000

We are looking for either vacant land around 40/50 acres or with a 3 bed house in the west of Orange anything up to 30minutes drive from Orange.

Cowra   Rural Over 20 Acres   $0 to $75000

Land/rural large acreage within 4 hours drive of Wollongong for retreat. wooded good. possible dwelling not essential. quiet. natural setting. far south inland to ACT or Nowra ok. Need a get away. No noise. No development, mining or trains. Want wildlife preserve for future. Cowra is not a limitation. Anywhere from Snowy to QLD will do.

Lithgow   Residential House   $0 to $250000

house and large block. 1000m2 or bigger

Rydal   Rural Under 20 Acres   $0 to $250000

house and land. block bigger than 1000m2

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