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  • Planning and Budgeting... It is a major decision that takes planning and research, and careful budgeting. Here are some tips to help you get started.
  • Pricing...Find out the latest strategies for setting a price for your home.
  • ​Legals Documentation...Discover all the legals document you need for selling your house privately.
  • Effective Listing Tips...How to optimise your Advertising to catch buyer's eye.
  • ​Promoting Your Property...How to get more exposure.
  • ​Inspection Tips...Get ready for your next house inspection.
  • Negotiations...You will definitively know how to deal with buyers.

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Ormiston, QLD

Property ID : 15968
Outcome : positive
Rating : 10

A great low cost long overdue and time-savingservice that suited both seller and buyer to negotiate a total win-win outcome in record fast time.

Totally satisfied with the service and standard.

Thank you.

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Hi my name is Jacqui, the founder of No Agent Property. We’ve been helping people sell privately since 1999. We’re reliable and experienced. Read on our new ebooks to see how to get the best value for your house for sale and save on commissions.