Benefits of selling your home privately - Sell without agents

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How To Sell Your House
Without An Agent?

Did you know that choosing to sell privately will save you thousands in commission and advertising fees (if not tens of thousands!)? You’re also completely in charge of your advertising, where you as a seller deal directly with buyers! These are just a couple of many great reasons to sell privately. Read on to learn about more.

Agents aren’t necessarily the best person to sell your property

Buyers generally prefer to deal with the homeowner directly, so hiring an agent is only going to cost you unnecessary commission. Agents can be unavailable, unreliable and often have other properties they’re looking after, yet still charge a huge fee both upfront and upon sale. Nobody knows your home like you, so do it your own way and save the money!

Get extra money in your hand

When doing it yourself, YOU set the price. Often agents will pressure you to drop your price to make a quick sale and get commission. When you’re in control, not only do you not have to pay anyone commission, you have the power to decide your selling price without compromise. If you’d like some tips on how to present you property well to get the best price, check out the No Agent Property E-Book with information on selling without an agent.

Technology has made selling privately easier than ever before

The internet has made advertising more convenient and more successful. It has allowed Australian owners to sell everything from small home items, to vehicles, to much larger possessions, so selling your property privately online is no exception.

Today, about 90% of property buyers visit major online portals and websites like or act after seeing the “for sale board" in front of a block of land or house. Searching local newspapers or talking to family and friends is now reserved for only a very small pool of buyers. These outdated methods of advertising are no longer the only way to sell your property successfully, and professional tools and property marketing practices are now extremely accessible through packages like those offered by No Agent Property, putting the seller back in control.

Today is now the best time to sell without agents

While the housing market always fluctuates, historically there’s always an upwards trend. As house prices increase, agent commissions increase, meaning you’ll be spending more to advertise with an agency. The for sale by owner method has also gained popularity lately, and online searches for a home in Australia have been increasing considerably. It’s a fact that some homes are sold by owners in shorter than 1 or 2 days, without using a traditional real estate agent. If you are looking to sell, do it yourself and take advantage of the support available now through No Agent Property.

It doesn’t have to take 9 weeks to sell a property

Your local agents will usually tell you to put your property through an accelerated advertising campaign with them for around 9 weeks, consisting of advertising on the most relevant property portals like, some print media advertising and a set of open inspections. You could be looking to pay $7000 in advertising fees for medium-sized properties in low demand areas, and much more in other locations. This cost is payable upfront, and you may know that you actually forfeit this money whether you sell your property or not!

Doing it yourself can expedite the process. If you sell privately, you can advertise for as long or short a time as you need. Agents often want the property on the market for a set timeframe, suggesting that it will ensure maximum exposure, but often it’s just a way to get more properties on their books. Also, the number of properties an agent is currently marketing can limit their availability for open homes, but you can set your own time for these too, meaning more buyers can inspect your property for a quicker sale. Dealing with buyers directly can also mean less back and forth with negotiations.

Is around $17,000 to sell your house really worth it? Avoid giving away commission!

Prepare yourself to hand over this amount if you are looking to use your local real estate agent. How much time do you think an agent would spend on your particular property? Over a nine-week campaign, they may operate seven open inspections, each between 20 to 30 minutes = 3h30 hours, plus an additional 6 hours speaking to potential buyers, and an extra 2 hours for miscellaneous duties. The total is 11h30 hours, less than 1.5 working days! Does the average fee of $17,000 seem justified? This works out to be over $1400 per hour. Oops! Selling privately obviously saves you money, but it also means you won’t waste your money!

Still trust a Real Estate Agent to sell for you? Have a read of some of these local agent tales

If you’re not yet convinced to sell privately, a recent report on the “fixed-priced” agents Purple Breaks says it all and help might change your mind. See the article here.

Selling without an agent has never been more convenient or risk-free. Why should you wait one more day? No Agent Property is a licensed real estate agency, operating as a commission-free private seller company. We provide the best property exposure through our Premium and Ultimate packages. Call us today on 1300 850 855.

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Dom Slager 

 59 Jasmine Drive Port Sorell TAS 


I sold my house in 4 days!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am that I chose 'No Agent Property' to market my house on the internet. I was originally going to use a local agency but when their appraisal was so disappointingly low, my friend encouraged me to sell the house myself using 'No Agent Property' to market it on and We priced the house at $50,000 more than the agent's appraisal. Can you imagine how rapt I was to have 5 interested parties through in 4 days and to receive an offer only $3000 less than the asking price?! I couldn't be happier! Settlement is going through next week and I am telling everyone about 'No Agent Property'.



Mary Oconnor 

21 Trinity Drive Evanston Park SA


I was very nervous putting our property on the market ourselves, but Stan and his team made it so easy and effortless. We sold our house within 8 hours of the listing being posted on the NAP website (received the inquiry to inspect before it had even hit any other real estate portals). The offer was made that evening - no open inspections needed and didn't even have enough time to put the sign out the front. We have also just recently sold our investment property through NAP, which only took 2 weeks. The price we got for both properties was WELL OVER what we were advised by a couple of real estate agencies & saved ourselves over $15,000 in commissions. For those who are thinking of selling your property yourself - just DO IT and please give No Agent Property a call.



Garry Thompson 

559 Moffat Street Lavington NSW


We have been very happy to have had No Agent Property website to advertise our property, the site has an ease of use and when we needed to speak to a represenative they we always friendly and informative. Also because of the 'networking' of No Agent property our advert had exposure on multiple sites, anyone seriously looking to invest/buy would have seen our advertisment. If anyone really wants to sell privately as we did then we would encourage you to talk to the No Agent Property representatives."

Why choose us?

No Agent Property allows people sell their house or land  privately. This means you won’t be liable for the commission charges that are charged by Real Estate Agents when selling  your valuable assets.

If you don't sell your house or land through No Agent Property and decide to sell through one of our selected agents, we will give you back 100% of the fee you paid us, plus 10% for all your hassles! Yes, that's 110% money back guarantee!

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