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How to sell your house or land for more without real estate agents?

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  • Planning and Budgeting... It is a major decision that takes planning and research, and careful budgeting. Here are some tips to help you get started.
  • Pricing...Find out the latest strategies for setting a price for your home.
  • Legals Documentation...Discover all the legals document you need for selling your house privately.
  • Effective Listing Tips...How to optimise your Advertising to catch buyer's eye.
  • ​Promoting Your Property...How to get more exposure.
  • ​Inspection Tips...Get ready for your next house inspection.
  • Negotiations...You will definitively know how to deal with buyers.

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What People Are Saying About Our Services

Dom Slager 59 Jasmine Drive Port Sorell TAS

“Quite easy to upload the property listing, photos and to edit”

I sold my house in 4 days!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am that I chose 'No Agent Property' to market my house on the internet. I was originally going to use a local agency but when their appraisal was so disappointingly low, my friend encouraged me to sell the house myself using 'No Agent Property' to market it on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au. We priced the house at $50,000 more than the agent's appraisal. Can you imagine how rapt I was to have 5 interested parties through in 4 days and to receive an offer only $3000 less than the asking price?! I couldn't be happier! Settlement is going through next week and I am telling everyone about 'No Agent Property'.

Dom Slager
Sold By Owner - 59 Jasmine Drive Port Sorell TAS

“Within 8 hours of the listing being posted on the NAP website”

I was very nervous putting our property on the market ourselves, but Stan and his team made it so easy and effortless. We sold our house within 8 hours of the listing being posted on the NAP website (received the inquiry to inspect before it had even hit any other real estate portals). The offer was made that evening - no open inspections needed and didn't even have enough time to put the sign out the front. We have also just recently sold our investment property through NAP, which only took 2 weeks. The price we got for both properties was WELL OVER what we were advised by a couple of real estate agencies & saved ourselves over $15,000 in commissions. For those who are thinking of selling your property yourself - just DO IT and please give No Agent Property a call.

Mary Oconnor
Sold By Owner - 21 Trinity Drive Evanston Park SA
Mary Oconnor 21 Trinity Drive Evanston Park SA
Garry Thompson 559 Moffat Street Lavington NSW

“Fantastic experience!”

We have been very happy to have had No Agent Property website to advertise our property, the site has an ease of use and when we needed to speak to a represenative they we always friendly and informative. Also because of the 'networking' of No Agent property our advert had exposure on multiple sites, anyone seriously looking to invest/buy would have seen our advertisment. If anyone really wants to sell privately as we did then we would encourage you to talk to the No Agent Property representatives."

Garry Thompson
Sold By Owner - 559 Moffat Street Lavington NSW