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RealEstate.com.au has become the largest real estate website in Australia, hence providing most convenient and cheapest way to sell and buy properties online.

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Hi my name is Jacqui, the founder of No Agent Property. We’ve been helping people sell privately since 1999. We’re reliable and experienced. Read on to see how to get started on Realestate.com.au

Why Selling On RealEstate.com.au?

  • Shall I list on Realestate.com.au?
    There are plenty of reasons why you should sell your property on Realestate.com.au. There are not many real estate websites who can say they have 3 million visitors each month across the web and mobile; but Realestate.com.au can!
  • The Largest National Real Estate
    Realestate.com.au is the largest advertising platform to advertise your property for sale. The agents use it, and so can you! Why pay an agent commission when you have access to the same buyers as they do! It’s so easy; just choose our premium or ultimate package and see your listing displayed on Realestate.com.au.
  • Advertise All Type Of Properties
    Realestate.com.au caters for all types of properties:- House, apartment, unit, townhouse, villas, land, acreage, rural, farms and retirement living and over 50’s. No matter what type of property you have, you will gain the exposure it needs to maximise your sale.
  • Best Value For Money
    It is a must to include Realestate.com.au in your advertising campaign. If you don’t, you could be missing out on gaining the best exposure and best possible price for your property. Yes, you could advertise your property for sale in a paper, or have a friend who is interested, but would you be getting the highest possible price for it? The best position for you to be in is to have more than one interested buyer for the purchase of your property. By having this, you are in a much better negotiating position.
  • Get Full Control Of Your Advertising
    Listing on Realestate.com.au empowers you and gives you control of the sale of your home. It is the best way to advertise your property for sale and the best way to have the most buyers looking!No Agent Property is your answer to Realestate.com.au! It’s as simple as that.
    • No Agent Property is your answer to Realestate.com.au! It’s as simple as that.

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    What People Are Saying About Our Services

    John Doe UI/UX Designer

    “Quite easy to upload the property listing, photos and to edit”

    We were overwhelmed with enquiries & kept all relevant info in a s/sheet so we could follow up or contact people again.

    No Agent Property were always helpful & have already told many people to list their property on this site since we had such a great outcome with our sale.

    This is a great way to sell & it worked in our favour by bringing interested buyers to us, at a time which suited us & we could show off the many top points that real estate agents dont see.

    I would definitely use this service for selling other properties next time.

    Thank you.

    - For Sale By Owner: Brooklyn, NSW

    “No Agent Property has sold our lovely unit for a great price.”

    “We saved about $20k in commisions and charges by doing it ourselves.

    NoAgentProperty helped us with extra promotions through other websites like RealEstate.com, and gave us a fantastic deal. This generated enquiries like nothing else!

    Thank you Jacqui!!”

    Michael Fong
    - For Sale By Owner: Umina Beach, NSW
    John Doe UI/UX Designer
    John Doe UI/UX Designer

    “Fantastic experience!”

    “We rented our property in record time via No Agent Property.

    One stop shop for advertising in multiple locations. Loved the fact that we only had to list / update details on the No Agent Property website and then everything was pushed out / updated automatically onto realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au.

    Will definitely be back when we need to rent our property out again.”

    - For Sale By Owner: Brighton, Victoria

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