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Sell your own house privately without agents. We list you on and

No Agent Property will give you the opportunity to sell your own house and land privately or rent your property without an agent. This method is simply called for sale by owner (FSBO) method, selling without paying any commissions. We cater for all property types. No Agent Property will maximise your advertising exposure by listing on all major real estate websites, such as, and to name a few. We are fully licensed real estate agents and we do not charge any commission for our online real estate agent assisted services. We provide our licensed service in every state of Australia.

Simply put: We help you sell your place with no commissions to pay.

No-one knows the private seller industry more than No Agent Property. Our success and longevity is grounded on our customer’s success. We are proud to be official members of major websites like and We give you access to tools and advice to ensure a speedy and successful sale or lease, without paying any commission. Your property will obtain maximum visibility and exposure to as many buyers possible with our extensive online marketing, SEO campaigns and ability to list on major websites both nationally and internationally.

Simply put: We help you get the job done. Check our 110% money back guarantee and our re-leasing guarantee.

You can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars on real estate agent fees by taking advantage of our online advertising platform making it easy to manage your property listings. By advertising with us, your reach is far beyond that of a typical real estate agent. Cut out the middleman and get the best possible value from the sale or rental of your property. No Agent Property has the advertising tools and experience you need. Our reputation, longevity, professionalism and state-of-the-art technology is backed by our 16 years experienced in the industry and all that ensures your advertising spend is safe. So much so, we offer you a 110% money back guarantee!

Simply put: You save thousands of $$$$$

Founded in 1999, No Agent Property is the longest running for sale by owner website in Australia. We have continually assisted people to sell or rent their property without an agent and save thousands on commission. With over 7,000 properties successfully sold and rented, No Agent Property is still one of the largest private seller websites in Australia. We know what we are doing. Two of the directors, Jacqui Smith and Stan Iskhakbaev, have over 55 years of sales, marketing and real estate industry experience. All members of the No Agent Property team are well equipped to advise and help you sell your property.

Simply put: We know how to help.

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Peter Redhead
Sold By Owner - Longley TAS

Property ID : 18367
Outcome : positive
Rating : 10

A week after we withdrew our property listing, a family were very keen to view it because they had seen it on the internet during the one week it was listed.
We invited them to look around more out of curiosity than anything and told them it was no longer for sale. We were bowled over by their enthusiasm and the love they showed for the place. So we changed our mind and accepted an offer from them without even listing the property again.

For the one week we were listed through noagentproperty the advertising worked. I did not even put the for sale sign up!

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